A Guide to Medical Sex Toys

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If you are of the understanding that sex toys were mainly made up of vibrators and dildos you would be incorrect in your assumption. For those that take part in bondage and fetish activities, medical sex toys can be very appealing. Instead of comprising of the usual bondage and fetish gear of ankle and wrist restraints, blindfolds, bondage spreader bars, collars and gags to name but a few, medical sex toys derive directly from items associated more with the practice of medicine than the practice of sex. They can be used for playful fun and games, role play, cleansing and more extreme forms of pleasure/pain. The most popular medical sex toys are as follows:

1. Wartenberg Wheel

The Wartenberg Wheel is a pin wheel with a handle that is intended to be rolled over the skin. There are a number of different types of these instruments available ranging from light to severe depending upon the number of spikes included on the wheels and the number of pin wheels built-in.

2. Urethral Sounds

A urethral sound is an instrument especially intended for use by men. It is a metal stemmed instrument that you insert into the penis in order to experience pleasure and pain simultaneously. Urethral sounds are available up to a width of 17mm and can be pushed as far into the penis as the pleasure/pain threshold will allow.

3. Speculum

Intended for either vaginal or anal use, speculums are made from either metal or plastic and allow either the anus or the vagina to be prised open with prongs to a leverage of the user’s choosing. They are also easy to keep clean after use.

4. Intimate Douche

Classed as a medical sex toy, a douche is a unisex device that uses water to cleanse the anal or vaginal areas that is both pleasurable and practical. Douches either come with one of more attachment, the number of holes on which determines what the flow of water will be into the chosen intimate area. An aluminium douche that screws into the shower head can provide a more powerful douche experience.

5. Breast Pumps

Breast pumps have cups on the end that go around the nipple and/or breast depending upon the size of the pump. A bulb is attached to this. Simply squeeze the bulb to extract the air away from the area surrounding the nipple and breast and temporarily extend the length of the nipple as well as increasing sensations in this area.

6. Glycerine Squirt

Metal glycerine squirts enable up to 200 centilitres of fluid to be deposited into the penis, vagina or anus through different nozzle ends. A variety of new sexual feelings can be experienced by using this type of medical adult toy.

7. Torture Skin Roller

Torture skin rollersare the ultimate in torture tools. A sturdy rubber grip handle is connected to a skin roller which contains spikes over its outer surface. Press down on the skin lightly to inflict a tingling sensation or more firmly which may result in considerable pain and blood being drawn.

8. Medical Irrigators

Manufactured from synthetic materials, medial irrigators help the individual to experience colonic irrigation at a much lower cost than having to book into a clinic which specialises in this kind of treatment. They usually consist of a jug or bag (for the water), a long pipe, a tap to control the flow of water and an attachment that fits onto the end of the pipe which is pierced with holes.

9. Stethoscope

Perhaps more associated with bedroom role play, a stethoscope can be also be the ideal accompaniment if you are attending a fancy dress party as a doctor or a nurse and it isn’t included in the costume.

As with all sex toys medical adult toys are intended for pleasure between consenting adults.

Herbal Sex Pills – A Natural Solution For Increased Libido and Harder Erections Quickly!

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Herbal Viagra is now more popular than ever, as super strength pills with proven herbs, provide a quick and natural alternative to prescription drugs – but how do they work? Let’s look at what the best pills contain and how and why they do.

The key to getting a strong erection and higher libido is to increase blood circulation and Nitric oxide secretion; to deliver blood to the penis and then allow it and an erection is the end result.

Any man with impotence is likely to have poor blood circulation and by boosting it, you deliver more blood to where it’s needed in the genitals – but then it has to be let in. That’s where nitric oxide is the key to any erection.

If you don’t produce enough of this key chemical no erection is possible. Nitric oxide is vital because it allows the blood vessels to expand, to let in an increased flow of blood and an erection is the end result.

Let’s look at some herbs that help blood circulation and nitric oxide secretion and also give other benefits which help libido and erectile function.


One of the most important herbs in traditional Chinese medicine for libido increase; not well known outside of China but one of the best herbal Viagra herbs you can get.

Not only does it increase nitric oxide, it also helps to improve blood circulation and nourish the blood as well.

Horny Goat Weed

This libido enhancer, not only increases nitric oxide secretion but also increases testosterone levels to which of course is the key male sex hormone.

It also is known to reduce stress levels, another sex drive killer and increase body energy, making you in the mood for sex.

L Arginine

Not a herb but a natural amino acid in the body which is a great circulatory tonic and also a key to higher nitric oxide secretion.

On its own it’s one of the most powerful libido enhancers you can get but when combined with the herbs in this article, it becomes even more effective. Nicknamed natures Viagra, its name reveals just how good it is and it’s found in all the best herbal Viagra’s


A great blood circulation herb which helps pump blood to the extremities, also helps to increase testosterone levels, increases energy levels and keeps sperm healthy.

The world’s most well known tonic herb and a great libido enhancer.

They Work and have for Centuries!

Billions of people in China have used them over the centuries and still do and herbs to enhance libido, if delivered in sufficient strength and the right combination, can rejuvenate your libido and improve your overall wellness – just like nature intended.


Organic Sex Pills for Erections As Hard As Steel

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Back the the nature!

This seems to be the latest health mantra these days.

With more and more people becoming aware of the dangers and perils of pharmacy drugs, an ever increasing number of people are now opting for natural and organic resources to help them get over various health problems and disorders and it is no different when it comes to curing sexual problems in men.

Organic sex pills have become a big hit with trying to cope with erectile dysfunction, low libido, reduced semen production and premature ejaculation.

Certain herbs have been used since ages to boost sexual function in men. Chinese and Indian medicine systems are based upon such herbs and botanical extracts that tend to cure the problem by getting to the root cause of such problems.

One of the most important advantages of such herbs and other organic ingredients is that they do not have any side effects.

Now such herbs are being combined in a potent mix to deliver faster results. Since, they come in a pill form, they are easy to consume as well. Such pills comprise of ingredients such as horny goat weed, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, muira pauma, saw palmetto, hawthorn berry, catuaba, cuscuta etc.,

Such ingredients perform two highly crucial functions in your body. First of all they boost flow of blood to the penis. Such organic pills are able to do so without affecting your blood pressure or side effects as is the case with pharmacy drugs.

Not just this, they also help boost testosterone levels in your body. Viagra other similar drugs fail to help men treat ED who have low testosterone. Such pills do not work in case your testosterone levels are lower than normal. However, organic pills can get over this problem by stimulating testosterone production in your body. No wonder, their success rate is much higher as compared to prescription drugs.

Moreover, such pills can also help build your stamina and staying power so that you can last longer in bed and please your woman. Another benefit of such pills is that they can help boost both your libido and semen production. They can add spice back to your sex life.

So, if you want to be a better lover, you must try such pills that are safe and produce very fast effects too. There are some high quality pills that come with Bioperine as an ingredient. It is a bio-availability enhancers and ensures faster absorption of the ingredients into your body so that each and every time you want to make love to your woman, you can get an instant and hard erection.

So, If You Want to Enjoy Better Sex, Check out the Best Organic Sex Pills that have Become a Massive Hit with Men All Across the World.